Classes Offered

Baby Ballet

Exploration and Creativity through Movement In this class we use props, imaginations, and learn pre ballet concepts.

Intro to dance

Creativity through Movement Beginning Ballet and making music and rhythms with your feet in Beginning Tap.

Combo Ballet / Tap

Sense of Accomplishment while taking the next steps in Beginning Ballet and Tap. Some creative movement where they can use what they have learned and put their own twist on it.

Combo Ballet / Jazz

Sense of Accomplishment while taking the next steps in Beginning Ballet. Exploring a new dance style with Jazz which takes many steps from ballet and puts a new spin on it.

Combo Ballet / Hip Hop

Sense of Accomplishment while taking the next steps in Beginning Ballet. Exploring a new dance style with beginning Hip Hop moves and steps.

Ballet I

Beauty, Self Discipline and Gracefulness describe this class. Children will build on their knowledge of ballet and take it a step further.  Barre work, building on Ballet skills and new concepts will abound.

Ballet II

Building on Ballet Concepts, Barre Work, and Strength. Amazement is what these students feel, when they realize they can be beautiful ballerinas. It all starts coming together.

Ballet III

Striving for Progression and Details. Once again Beauty, Self Discipline and Gracefullness abound but now on a whole new level.

Pointe, Pre Pointe

Every ballerinas dream!  Students who enter this class need to be approved. We are very serious about only putting students who are ready for pointe in this class, in order to prevent injuries.

Jazz I / Lyrical I

Lively, Energizing and Sassy. Let’s learn to dance with upbeat tempo songs and learn what the unique style of Jazz is all about. Pivots, jazz squares and leaps are just a taste of what you will learn in Jazz. Lyrical combines ballet and jazz to tell a story through movement.

Jazz II

Upbeat and Exciting. Turns, jumps and leaps make a greater appearance in this class while continuing to build on concepts from Jazz I.

Jazz Funk

Funky, Fusion and Unconventional. Feel on the cutting edge while fusing traditional Jazz with some more contemporary Jazz Funk.

Tap I

Rhythm, Joyful and Unique This type of dance is different than any other type. We get to build on some of those basic steps learned in the previous classes and create music with our feet. Children will feel joy and accomplishment.

Tap II

Syncopated and Smooth Speed is a goal that will be worked toward by repeating steps that have been mastered as quickly as possible.  New steps that will challenge the tap dancer will also be learned.


Speed, Challenge and Amazement Who knew my feet could move so fast while also making wonderful music? That is what these advanced tap dancers will experience.

Lyrical II & III

Descriptive, Controlled and Expressive Combining ballet and jazz dance to tell a story through movement. Get in touch with your feelings and dance them out. Some ballet is required.

Hip Hop I & II

Energizing and Exciting You see this type of dance on music videos. It will keep you on your toes with fast paced changes and fun moves.

Hip Hop III

Crumping, Popping and Breaking Building on what was learned in Hip Hop I you will start to learn all the different aspects of Hip Hop in detail. Students will be ready to break it down.

Jumps & Turns - Beg / Int / Adv

Strengthening and WOW factor All the wonderful turns, jumps and leaps that you see on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance will be found here. In order to complete these amazing feats dancers must also spend time strengthening and stretching.