Effective  01/19/2019
  • Children in Baby Ballet, Intro To Dance, Combo Classes, Hip Hop I, Ballet I, Tap I, Jazz I, Lyrical I, Acro I  will NOT be dismissed from their classroom, unless a parent is in the lobby to pick them up. The teachers will call the children, one at a time, when they see the parent, to come out to the lobby.  If a parent is not there on time, then the child will sit with the teacher during the following class until a parent arrives. There will be no exceptions.
  • Children 10 and older are allowed to walk to their parents car at the discretion of the parent.  They are not allowed to wait outside the lobby, if their parent is not at the studio at time of dismissal.  Please discuss with these children the importance of parking lot safety.
  • The lobby and parking lot are busy places between classes, please help us to keep your children safe.  Be extra diligent when pulling in and backing out of the parking lot.