Rebekah Jochmans

dance instructor


Miss Rebekah first fell in love with ballet at the age of 3, when her mom took her to her first class at the local community center. From that point on, there was little else that she wanted to do as much as dance. It is her belief that being a good ballet teacher means identifying each student’s goals and objectives and equipping them to achieve their unique, individual aspirations through positive reinforcement, constructive critique and lots of encouragement.

Rebekah’s career has taken her from church dance ministry tours, to Nashville ballet companies, and back to Oklahoma where she current teaches at Studio C.

Each child that walks into her class will receive genuine love and care. She desires the same amount of success for the recreational dancer as she does the future professional dancer. She knows from her own experiences that dance is life changing! It is an unmatched opportunity for these children to live out dreams, to find self-confidence, to build character though facing challenges, to develop life-long friendships, to unlock unrealized potential and to make memories that last a lifetime.

Dance Skills

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap


Phone number:
(918) 808-2754

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